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Digital Marketing Strategies For Automotive OEMs & Retailers 2015


Customers today are increasingly connected, informed and empowered - and as a result, their expectations are at an all-time high. Consumers are driving the changes in the car buying experience and automakers are adjusting their marketing strategies to influence the decision making process. The customers' prior research and decision making is now done online via social media, website researching, online videos, and so on, with trends quickly changing and updating.

It is therefore crystal clear that the importance of establishing your brand in the Digital World cannot be overstated - as Automotive OEMs and Retailers, you need to have a strong positive presence in social media, be aware of emerging trends in digital marketing, have specific and correct content on cross device websites and - vitally - understand where your shoppers are to target your customers. The good news for auto brands is that these shoppers are open to influence.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Strategies for Automotive OEMs & Retailers 2015 Congress

This congress will bring together digital marketing decision makers and specialists from automotive companies and dealerships from across Europe to share best practices for understanding the trends and overcoming the challenges that they are facing in their daily tasks of generating and closing sales, and enhancing ROI.

This is the only digital marketing event designed specifically for the automotive industry in Europe, where speakers will be taking you on a journey examining solutions at every stage of the campaign planning, from customers' buying behaviour and psychological motivations to the importance of having targeted data, to planning an optimal campaign that implements successful strategies - to ultimately ensure you convert your leads into sales.

Key Topics Being Covered Include:

PLANNING AN OPTIMAL CAMPAIGN: Implementing content and technical solutions through knowing the multiple platforms available and discovering what's best for your campaigns.

DATA AND LEAD GENERATION, DATA MANAGEMENT AND DIGITAL CRM SYSTEMS: Evaluating lead generation sources and tools to manage revenue streams effectively and to increase customer engagement.

MOBILE, TABLETS AND CROSS DEVICE MARKETING STRATEGIES: Perfecting your content to create a seamless experience for your digital customer.

BEST PRACTICES TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT THROUGH DIGITAL CONTENT AND PERFORMANCE MARKETING: Implementing a winning SEO and content strategy management plan through state of the art website and multiplatform management strategies and efficient use of tagging and keyword searching capabilities.

CREATING YOUR PERSONA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Capitalising from the face of your brand to build brand loyalty - utilising digital tools to allow customers to be Ambassadors for your brand.

PROGRAMMATIC MARKETING, REMARKETING AND PROGRAMMATIC BUYING STRATEGIES: Examining the key criteria for selecting the strategies that guarantee enhanced and constant content promotion.

NEW AND EMERGING TRENDS: Discovering the future role of digital in building solid customer relations.

Missed The Congress?


As the only forum specifically designed for European automotive marketers and brand managers...

...the Digital Marketing Strategies for Automotive OEMs & Retailers 2015 Congress will provide understanding and unique insight into the on-going digital revolution within the automotive industry. Learn to face the shift and reach out to the ever more sophisticated customer of today.

Featuring 20+ case studies from leading Automotive OEMs and Retailers from across Europe, plus Automotive digital marketing specialists, speakers at the event will provide solutions on...

  • Pan-European Congress: The only pan-European digital marketing congress held in London that is specific to Digital Marketers in the Automotive industry.
  • Covers all aspects of strategy, tools and technology: The only event that holistically covers multiple challenges digital marketers are currently facing and not only one isolated aspect of the problem. Focusing specifically on the solutions of these challenges, through end-user success stories and incorporating insights from digital professionals and customer psychology specialists.
  • Buyer Behaviour Insights: Incorporating insight to the customer-buying journey from understanding customer behaviour before conversion to how that will shape the future of digital marketing.
  • The Future Role of Digital: Exploring the future of online advertising and the impact it may have on the customers' retail experience. Unveiling what the digital world may offer and how the OEMs can tap into its potential.


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